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Our Story

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love a heavenly, gooey, chewy cookie?  We certainly do, and that’s what  drove us into baking the cookies of our dreams.

We spent countless hours perfecting batch after batch with the help of our friends and cookie fanatics, our very own cookie crew.

Along this journey, we noticed something magical; the genuine bonds and connection formed over our cookies and the love received. We quickly realised that what makes us unique is not just about our cookies, but our Crewkies.

Don’t you want to wrap up your day on a happy note?

Join the crew.

Your Everyday Dough Maker.

Make the happiest cookies with genuine ingredients.

Whenever you need a sweet pick-me-up, just treat yourself to a bite of our cookies. Doesn’t everyone want to wrap up their day on a happy note? That's why our cookies are more than just a delicious treat - they're a little piece of joy.

Our Values

Passion simplicity, connection and originality are our key values.

With these guiding principles, our brand has a solid foundation for creating the best cookies, crafting a compelling brand image and most importantly, making people happy.

They create a self perpetuating matrix that ensures that the brand always holds a clear direction, purpose and meaning - all whilst innovating to create the best, happiest cookie possible.

  • Originality

    Not being ‘just another cookie brand’ is important to us. The brand pledge is to always remain original, and authentic, from recipe to image. This originality embodies the creativity that keeps our cookies yummy.

  • Connection

    Our delicious cookies are not only a ways for us to nurture relationships with our customers, but also a toke of joy to connect with all the happy moments that tie the community together.

  • Simplicity

    We take pride in keeping it simple, and not doing too much with a cookie that turn it into something completely different.

What's your flavour?                   

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